Leland CUSD #1 is in search of a 2nd shift custodian.

Position Requirements:

HS Diploma or GED. Outstanding Attendance. Ability to communicate and follow written and oral directions. Ability to demonstrate recognition of equipment malfunctions. Possess a positive attitude, ability to work cooperatively, willingness to accept instructions and work modified assignments as necessary.

The individual must be in good physical health including the ability to lift 50 lbs. and pass a pre-employment physical.

Essential Functions and Duties:

1. Sweeps, dust, arrange furniture, empties trash and pencil sharpeners, cleans chalk/whiteboards, and sets up activities. Washes walls, woodwork, and windows. And cleans and polishes metal surfaces. Cleans and maintains hard and soft surface floors. Wet mops and spot-clean floors. Cleans and sanitizes and deodorizes restrooms and locker rooms.

2. Assists in the maintenance of lawns, and landscaping, concrete and blacktop surfaces, and playgrounds, including pedestrian walkways, snow and ice removal.

3. Assists with operating of heating, A/C, ventilation, electrical and mechanical systems.

4. Assists in setups and teardowns for school activities.

5.Observes and reports needed repair of equipment, furnishings, fixtures, building and site.

6. Secures building rooms at conclusion of shift.

7. Works a revised schedule and substitutes for other custodial staff when necessary.
8. Shares responsibility for holiday, extended day and weekend activities with other custodial staff.

9. Performs other duties as assigned by supervisors.

Benefit Highlights:
-40 hour work week
-Insurance Benefits
-IMRF retirement
-12 Month Employment with Hourly wage salary determined by the School Board

To Apply:

Mail or Email cover letter and resume to Chris Bickel at Leland School, 370 N. Main St. Leland Illinois 60531 or cbickel@leland1.org