Middle School students reading in Mrs. Dean's room.

Today Leland School celebrated Read Across America Week in a very calm, quiet manner. How fortunate today was ALSO PJ Day!!  At 9:45, the entire building participated in D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything and Read). Mr. Bickel has been making announcements all week so everyone came to class with a book, ready to let the pages do the talking. As I took my book for a walk around the building, it was absolutely amazing to see everyone participating! Teachers and students alike....

A couple of 3rd graders got their books - they're ready! 

Mrs. Schnitz found a good one in the library! 

Mrs. Green found a comfy chair to stop, drop & read!

BOOKS- it's where it's at!

Mrs. Jansen (standing and reading!) and the 7th graders .... so very quiet!

Mr. Bland's Industrial Production class soaking it in:

HS Math - no numbers....just words!

HS English I - so happy to see them reading!

Mr. Spring at his desk deep into the pages of his novel:

HS Chemistry looking intent on their pages:

HS PE class - not in the weight room, not on the court...in the bleachers...

and on the stage with their books and magazines:

Mr. Epperson and some of our peer mentors taking a break with a book:

Mrs. Wick's art class - reading quietly!

6th grade & Miss Rissman - read, read, read

Mrs. Brown and a couple HS students - they have their books - they are happy!

Mr. Barnes, Mrs. Jordal, and our 5th graders - it's a great sight!

Mr. Harris and the 4th graders, pickleball on hold!

Staff members took a moment to let their imaginations fall into their stories.

Mrs. Stegman with the 1st graders:

 Even, Mrs. Cameron's kindergarten music class got in on the action, reading a book together out loud!

Mrs. Moore welcomed the reprieve from budgets and grants!

Even the main office was calm and quiet! Mrs. Bland and Mr. Bickel spent the time soaking up the minutes of silence.

For 30 minutes this morning you could hear a pin drop at Leland CUSD #1!

Reading is necessary AND fun, so we are trying to instill in our students a lifelong love of reading! 

NEA (National Education Association) launched Read Across America in 1997, to encourage children in reading more books and also getting them excited about reading.

Read Across America Week is typically celebrated this week in conjunction with Dr. Seuss' birthday. 

At the conclusion of our D.E.A.R. session, Mr. Bickel shared the following reasons why reading a book is such a great choice: 

  • It increases intelligence. ...

  • Plus, it can boost your brain power. ...

  • Reading can make you more empathetic. ...

  • Flipping pages can help you understand what you're reading. ...

  • It may help fight Alzheimer's disease. ...

  • Reading can help you relax. ...

  • Reading before bed can help you sleep.

Great job Leland Panthers! Keep picking up those books and dedicating a small portion of your day to reading!