PLEASE READ THE ATTACHED LETTER FROM MRS. MOORE & MR. BICKEL AND USE THE ATTACHED LINKS to view the presentation for an overview, the full back to school plan, along with updated 2020-2021 calendars.

Good Afternoon Leland CUSD#1 Community,

Due to the increased restrictive guidelines from the IDPH and ISBE, Leland School has had to make modifications to the District’s previously proposed hybrid model of instruction for Fall 2020. Student and staff safety remains the primary concern when creating these modifications. The attached links for the Slide Presentation and Back to School Plan outline the changes that have been made. 

The current Back to School Plan is not considered a full remote learning plan. With this plan, the school is still allowing students and staff into the building to provide individual and small group instruction. We do expect and anticipate that there may be periods of full remote learning throughout the year regardless of our efforts to contain virus exposure. We want to avoid this as much as possible. After many discussions with staff, the decision was made to start the year not fully remote, but provide mainly remote direct instruction with opportunities of in-person support and assistance as much as possible. 

We understand that remote learning is not ideal. We hope within the first month we will be able to steadily increase the amount of in-person attendance, both in the afternoons and also in the morning.  By the end of the first quarter, if all goes well, we hope to be at a minimum of 50% in-person attendance.  We could possibly be able to move back into our proposed hybrid model, or one similar, with in-person attendance at over 50%.  If the winter months create problems with exposure, illness, or quarantines we will, of course, need to again restrict in-person student attendance.  While constant transitioning is not ideal, we prefer increasing in-person as we can and decreasing when we have to, in order to avoid simply moving to a fully remote model or periods of partial or full school closures.

We know even small sessions of remote learning are difficult for many of our students, parents and caregivers, and our staff. We will work to accommodate individual situations as they arise, and to move toward increasing in-person attendance as safely possible. We encourage you to please reach out in any time of need. We understand that now more than ever, educating our youth takes a team. Please let us know how we can continue to support you during this difficult time. 

Thank you for your support and flexibility. We will continue to work to make modifications to our plans in an effort to create the best possible learning environment in a safe manner. These will be communicated to you as they are addressed. 

Do not hesitate to contact us with further questions or concerns.

Dr. Jodi Moore - Superintendent                                                        Mr. Chris Bickel - Principal 

Back to School Slide Show Presentation

Back to School Plan Fall 2020 - Modified 8/26/2020

Amended 2020-2021 District Calendar 8/26/2020

Amended 2020-2021 A/B Schedule 8/26/2020